February 5, 2010

Dating a hobby monster

Last night as R. ported his newest baby, a missus Seagull S6 cedar top, I realized I had created a hobby monster. His latest hobby of 4 months... learning the guitar. With 3 guitars to his collection I shrugged. I used to joke and call him "the hobbyist" but last night when he asked me to sing I effortlessly sang a song about the hobby monster. 

I adore him AND find his backlog of hobbies amusing and of course endearing. Just a teaser of hobby stories to come - urban gardening, craft beer brewing, insect shadow box creating, flea-market record hunting, and Polaroid photography with one serious camera (see below)... 

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  1. Hey Diane. It's funny and seems like a great way to talk to yourself and possibley sharing with others. Keep writing...