February 9, 2010

#4 Collecting Things

In Brooklyn people regularly abandon their “treasures on the curb," leaving them up for grabs. And hobby #4 dumpster diving was at odds with my prideful Asian upbringing, but R. persistently bee-lined it towards any free item left at the curb or at a stoop sale with me in tow on his arm.

Then came the Brooklyn Flea market. About a year ago, they set up their weekend stalls in R.’s neighborhood and every week like clockwork we were their first visitors. His point, making sure none of his treasures were taken.

Over the crowd he would say things like, “D, should we get it?! They said it's an African water jug.” He even discovered (on the Brooklyn flea blog) they had started a scavenger hunt. In the first week of their scavenger hunt we found all of their hidden prizes and opted to keep a vintage Sparklet seltzer bottle as seen in the picture. Items he's purchased at the Brooklyn flea include a snakeskin, an Audubon art print, a real dynamite box, a block and tackle, a Polaroid camera, several records, and a 2 inch blue bud vase.

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