February 8, 2010

#3 Blogging

Hobby #3 hands down was blogging. At the peak of his hobby, R. had an impressive 3 blogs, which he managed from his office cubicle. He even offered to blog for a green roofing business, keeping their blog up to date! So make that 4. He had these happy, hopeful looks at the end of each day of writing when he’d ask me what I thought about his posts.

Then he bought his own domain, which was his first and last name dot com. Now if you don't know R., he has one of those unique, New England blue blood names like Wutherford Forrest Gump IV. And all you have to do is Google his name and 15 or more relevant links pop up. When we first started dating, I googled him and read his resume. I could have gone so far as to read his master's thesis but held off because it was a lengthy read.

In any case when you google him, you'll learn things like he was a national-ranked butterfly swimmer, he grew up on Long Island, he's interested in buying an old timey camera, maybe even his shoe size. He absolutely loved posting on his site and used Google tools to move its search ranking to #1, so all of a sudden a search for R. would show his website with his info and workday written (time stamped) posts. 

After a little convincing, R. curbed his excessive blogging and just kept his science blog. Below, the busy blogger with a collard green from his garden. (Pardon the blurry photo).

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